Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Guide to Wedding RSVP Cards

RSVP a popular term today that originally came from the French phrase “r├ępondez, s'il vous plait”. The phrase means, please respond when translated into English. Sending RSVP ensures a headcount of participants before an event and allows an organizer to take preparations accordingly. Sending wedding RSVP cards has always been a part of formal wedding traditions.

These cards will not only help you better organize your event, but they also make guests feel more comfortable especially if they're unable to attend the party for obvious reasons. Here are some tips on creating wedding RSVP cards that'll help you make things easier and better.

* Use a cool RSVP template for wedding events

Follow a template to design a formal yet warm RSVP card. There are numerous wedding templates to choose from. You can also hire a talented designer to create a unique customized design for yourself. At the same time, you can browse online RSVP design directories to explore options or generate your own ideas. You can also tweak the existing templates online and send an e-mail to the invited guests so that they can get back to you easily.

* Play with your wording and be creative

Most RSVP cards have similar wording patterns. However, when you're designing wedding RSVPs you have the freedom to show creativity and play with the wording pattern. You can make your greeting warm and more informal. You can also think about something funny or emotional. These changes will make your RSVPs more significant for the guests you've already invited. Writing something of your own on these cards will also bring the personal touch inside the formal cards.

* Address your guests with proper attention

When you're sending the invitation cards, you should pay attention to writing the correct address for each guest. Double check their address, their proper salutation gender, and the official format. Guests may feel uncomfortable if you're addressing them wrong. Try to include the singular and plural forms or any other common addressing terms for both genders to avoid these complications. It's just a formal letter of invitation, it's not you; but these cards may carry and demonstrate your personality and attention to the addressee.

* Be straightforward and simple with the dates and times

Wedding organizers often neglect to specify the location, date and time. You must be careful about including this vital information. Make sure your location address is printed correctly so one can easily get there. You can also specify the time of commencement (expected). You can certainly play with the wording formats, but these data should be present in raw forms so one can easily gather the data at a single look.

* Offer your guests alternative options for sending the RSVP back

You may send the RSVP in printed form with the letter of invitation, but the guest may not feel convenient to reply back the same way you did. That's why it’s better to offer some convenient alternatives. As an example, you can ask them to send an email informing you about their participation (or failure to attend) in the event. Simultaneously, you may opt for creating virtual RSVP template and attach that in an email. This will save you some money as well.

If you're planning a wedding, you have to consider numerous issues and handle them carefully. Sending the invitations and reassuring the presence of the invitees are extremely important tasks. Try to finalize the wedding RSVP cards and invitation cards designs as early as possible and send the designs to a printing service provider.

Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Throw the Perfect Bridal Shower

When it's your duty to take care of throwing the perfect bridal shower, you will first want to make a list of everyone that you will invite. Once the invitation list is made, you can choose the bridal shower invitations that you want to address and mail out. You may choose bridal invitations that go with the theme of the shower or you may choose bridal shower invitations that go with the theme of the wedding and the invitations that are being used for it.

Once you've gotten your bridal shower invitations taken care of, you can begin to work on your decorations and your food and drinks that you will serve. You might choose to decorate using items that are the same color as the colors that will be used in the wedding. You can choose to have fresh flower arrangements throughout the area in which the shower will be held as well as items such as balloons and crepe paper streamers. You might also want to have a few pictures of the bride and groom around the area. They can be pictures of when they were children as well as engagement pictures and fun pictures that the couple has taken together. Adding beautiful color themed bows to the picture frames can give them a special look.

Plan your menu around the time that you are having your party, if you are having your party early, you may want to serve brunch type items such as croissants and quiche. If your shower is after lunch then you might choose to serve veggies, cheese and crackers and an assortment of appetizers. You'll need to serve coffee as well as the punch of your choice. Many will serve champagne or wine at their showers but it's important to have non-alcoholic beverages for those that don't drink.

You might plan to have a moment when you go around the room and let everyone say how they know the bride or the groom; this is a great opportunity for people to introduce themselves to the people attending the shower that they have never met before.

As the bride is opening her gifts, you will want to have someone record the gifts that she has gotten as well as who gave her the gift so that when it is time for her to send out her thank you notes, she can personalize them for a nice touch.

Planning a successful bridal shower can be a lot of work and you will find that you can come up with many great ideas for your bride. You will want to make sure that you get your bridal shower invitations mailed on time so that everyone has plenty of time to shop for the bride and groom.

You might also ask the guest to bring one of their favorite recipes for the bride so that she can start her own cookbook. You will need to put the information for your recipes on the bridal shower invitations so that everyone has time to choose a recipe for the bride and write it down.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Word Your Wedding Invitations

Writing your wedding invitations is something that needs to be done with a lot of care and precaution to make sure that it is done right. Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, so clearly communicating the details about your special day is critically important. Here are some tips you can follow on how to word your invitations properly.

Make it simple and clear
When writing your wedding invitations, it is not the time to look for all the hardest vocabulary you have learnt  throughout the years. This is because the process is not only boring, but you don't want your guests to have to constantly reference a dictionary to understand what you wrote. The trick is to keep it clear and simple for a person to understand the details of your day just seconds after opening the envelope. This is also not the time to practice your essay writing as the invitations should be stripped to the bare minimum so that people can know what is going on without spending hours reading.

Make the guests feel welcome
Wedding invitations should make use of words that will make the guests feel welcome. For instance, you can write the name of the bride and groom and follow this with a simple phrase "request the honor of your presence" or something along those lines. The chances of your guests showing up at your wedding becomes greater if sent an extended, warm invitation. Don't try and use forceful words or make it sound that you are just sending out the invitation for the sake of it as this will most likely send out the wrong message.

Wedding invitations need to have certain details in their wordings to make them complete. One of the most important details to include in your invitation are driving directions If you are a planning an invite only wedding, don't forget to include this in the invitations to avoid any inconveniences. You should also indicate whether you expect the invited guest to come alone or there is space for a plus one. The venue and the time of the ceremony should also be indicated clearly.

One of the mistakes that many couples make is to forget to include an RSVP option when wording their wedding invitations. This is a very important step as it lets you know how many people will be coming to the wedding and how many people will not be able to make it. This is vital towards planning the big occasion to ensure that everyone is catered for in the best way possible to make it an unforgettable event. You can also include a small hint of the theme of the wedding by using your official colors. It is always best to send out the invitations early for your guests to organize themselves.